Change in project

Hi, is it possible to get in EazyBI historic change in projects - if something was moved from one project to another is it possible to get it in Jira? Like:
Project A: Moved From:
Project B 5
Project C 12


By default, eazyBI does not import project change information from Jira.
The only solution I can think off is creating a scripted custom field “Moved from” in Jira (using Jira Misc custom fields, for instance) and precalculate, from issue changelog, project change information in this field (for instance, in format “1, Project A, 2018-04-20”) for each issue. Then, using advanced settings, import this field in eazyBI.

Defining eazyBI advanced settings for importing scripted fields could be tricky and depends on the custom field content: do not hesitate to contact if you need further assistance with that!