Change names of standard fileds?

Hello, i want to change label name, i test change with advanced settings or jvascript in import but labels are not rename.


i succeeded with jira custom fields but not standard fields.

Thanks for reply

Anyone have an idea, is-it possible ?

Hi @FredG!

You cannot rename standard fields in eazyBI. They are displayed as they are in Jira for less possible confusion of what data are used.
Could you please give more details of the use case - why you would need such renaming?

Lauma /

Hi, we use Jira with French language, standard fields are translate.
In EazyBi, standard fields are display with base language (english).

Best regards


Thank you for the details! I agree that having default dimensions translated would be a helpful improvement. This idea is in the eazyBI backlog for further considering. We will keep this post updated when anything new regarding this appears.

Lauma /