Change the axis of a report

This request is linked to Adding a straight line inside a scatter plot - #3 by Lara_LG
It would be great if it were possible to move the axis on some reports (in this case scatters) to be able to draw graphs were we have negative numbers so we can represent them under the axis.

Hi @Lara_LG ,
Currently, this is not possible, but we have an idea in out eazyBI internal backlog about this idea, and I will add your vote to it. We will let you know when there is any development regarding it.

Gerda //

Hi @gerda.grantina ,
how to vote to that feature request?

Hi @gonchik ,
You say “I vote,” and I add your vote to our internal eazyBI backlog :wink:
(already added yours to the ticket :white_check_mark: ).

Gerda //