Changing Time Dimension Breaks Calculation

Hi, I have a report that measures sprint committed to completed percentage and another calculated measure that builds an average (shown as a dotted line). It works just fine for 2019, but when I select 2020 the average no longer calculates, citing “infinity%” as the value in the column. What’s going on here?


The reason why the average is not visible in the report seems to be that once you filter the time by 2020 the sprint 47 gives the “Infinity” for the ratio calculation. Please, check, if the “Committed vs. Completed Ratio” measure is secured against the division by zero. The formula should be like this:

[Measures].[Sprint issues completed]>0
[Measures].[Sprint issues committed]
[Measures].[Sprint issues completed]

If any of the visible cells are with an incorrect ratio, the average gives the same “Infinity”.

Janis, eazyBI support

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Thank you. This worked. Easy to miss this in the GUI.