Changing week to reflect the week ending


I have looked all over, but canot find the answer to this question. Currently, eazyBI shows the weekly report by the dat that that week begins. Is there a way to change the date to reflect the week end date? For example, week 1 for 2019 gives date of Dec 31, and lists all the days up through Jan 6. Week 2 then begins with Jan 7. I need week 1 to give a date of Jan 6, and include the days from Dec 31 to Jan 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

image - current
W01, Jan 6, 2019 - Needed
Dec 31 2018
Jan 01 2019
Jan 02 2019
Jan 03 2019
Jan 04 2019
Jan 05 2019
Jan 06 2019

Currently, there is no option to change what values for Time members show up in the report. We show the first date of any period always.

We have some ideas in our backlog for this improvement. I added a community vote to the ticket. We will post it here if there will be any updates.

For now, you can define a new calculated measure to show the last day of the week. However, It will work for Table report only:

   [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name = "Week" 


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Thank you so much for your help Daina.