Chart with budget, remain hours and accumulated hours

I need to create a chart and set a budget of 60 hours per month, and calculated remain hours and for the next month the accumulated of remain+month budget. Im stuck in accumulated function, because i dont knot how to pick up the remain hours of previus month and add on current month and change the accumulated when i change the time filter . I really need to build this chart

Hi @Viol1914

​Thanks for sharing your use case!
​I have given an example of a possible solution to your use case. I’ve used the “Hours spent” measure in my example, to calculate the spent hours, but in your scenario, this might be a different/custom measure.

​You could start by defining a measure “monthly budget in hours”, formula might look like this:

[Time].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name = "Month"

​And then you could create the following calculated measure to use the monthly budget amount (60 hours) and the hours from previous month which were not spent.

CumulativeSum([Measures].[monthly budget in hours]) -
CumulativeSum([Measures].[Hours spent])

​Best wishes,

​Elita from