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Case study: Obtain a percentile of utilization of an asset.

We currently have an issue type “Check-out” and a subtask “Check-out record”, the subtask “Check-out record” keeps a record of utilization of an asset, so we have the custom fields Check-out Date/Time - Check-in Date/Time and a third field measuring the amount of hours the vehicle was checked out “Check-out Total Duration” (in hours). What I’m trying to accomplish is to report the percentile of utilization considering 8hr days 5 days/week.

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Hi @nolivaiko

You can create a calculated measure with % format to calculate the utilization rate as the actual difference between check out and check in vs the difference in full days before both events.

  [Issue].CurrentMember.getDate('Check-out Date/Time'),
  [Issue].CurrentMember.getDate('Check-in Date/Time')
 DatewithoutTime([Issue].CurrentMember.getDate('Check-out Date/Time')).startdate,
  Dateadddays(DatewithoutTime([Issue].CurrentMember.getDate('Check-in Date/Time')).startdate,1)

Martins / eazyBI

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