Check the Transition to a given state was done


I calculate the tickets restoration time based on the date the ticket goes through a given transition. As I have two types of tickets, the Transitions are different so I use the CASE Issue Type and apply the associated Transition. I wish I could calculate for both types of tickets at the same time and thought it would be possible if only I could do a test on the name of the transition, like: CASE “Transition Name” WHEN 1 THEN Measure 1, WHEN 2 THEN Measure 2 END I could not find how to do this test on the existence of the transition. I thought to check if the date is not empty, but I did not succeed. Is there a way to do it?

thank you,

Hi @anitu,

You can get the Transition status name with the following construction

CASE [Transition Status].CurrentMember.Name
WHEN "Open" THEN 1

If this does not work for you, please let me know more details of what you are using in report rows and columns and what exactly is the formula for your calculated member.

Lauma /