Child status on parent

Hello community,

Will it be possible to “copy” a specific measure from one of the children to the parent level?

Long story: I need to view the status of “test” sub-tasks on the parent task., without having all the sub-tasks listed.

Thank you in advance!
Vasile S.

Hi @VasileS

You may want to create a calculated measure (in Measures) to print out the status of a particular type of sub-task(s) in a cell.
The calculation formula looks for sub-tasks with IMS Task Activities = “Test Execution” and prints out their statuses. If there will be more than one such sub-task for a parent issue, the calculation will print each status in a separate row into the same cell.

case WHEN
[Issue.Sub-task].CurrentMember.Level.Name = "Parent"
    [Measures].[Issue IMS Task Activity]="Test Execution"
  [Issue.Sub-task].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get("Status ID")), CHR(10)

Please, double-check the task activities measures name and value in the formula!

Select this measure in the report columns.

Ilze /

Hello @ilze.leite

Thank you for your reply!
Still… I have to get back to you on this - I cannot get to the results I need and could not put my finger where is the problem.

Your formula get me one step closer to what I need, as I can get, for a given task, the list of statuses of ALL its sub-tasks (standard issue hierarchy in Jira).
But I need only the status of specific (test exec) sub-tasks.
These two formula gets me the same result: list of all sub-tasks.
What am I doing wrong?!..



    [IMS Task Activities].CurrentMember.Name = "Test Execution"

Is it because [IMS Task Activities] is a dimension (on a custom field in my Jira)?
I have to do this as I don’t have " [Measures].[IMS Task Activities]" as you proposed.

How can I fix this?

Thank you in aedvance!
Vasile S.

Hi @VasileS

You need to import the custom field “IMS Task Activities” not only as a dimension but also as a property, then you will have a new issue property [Measures].[Issue IMS Task Activity] which you can use as a filter.

Probably, you already have this property “Issue IMS Task Activity” (search in Measures!); in my example, I incorrectly referred to it (without “Issue…” at the beginning of the property name and used plural instead of singular) and this could be the reason why you did not get the result.
I updated the formula in my previous answer. Still, please double-check the property name used there.


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Hello Ilze,

Thank you for clarifying this!

No, IMS activity is not imported as a measure. I will ask our admins to update the setup (that’s how it works in my organization; and it may take a while :slight_smile: ).

In the mean time I will continue to use the emergency solution to get the list of tasks that wait for testing by querying Jira (with a little ScriptRunner help):

-- ATTN: this is not MDX, but JQL! :)
project = MY_PROJECT 
  AND type = Task 
  AND issueFunction in parentsOf("\"IMS Task Activities\" = \"Test Execution\" and status in (Open, \"On Hold\", Review, \"In Work\", Planned)")

Thank you!
Vasile S.