Cloned Issues segregation in Report

How to create a table of JIRA Cloned Issues in reports.

I have a setup where I have cloned the set of issues which carry forwards custom fields when being cloned and transitioned as per the workflow. It works great.

With easyBi tool, how to create a table where i will get the set of tickets which are cloned with same parent.

Please help.

Hi @RameshKale

Try to create an issue link dimension. You can do that by specifying parameters in the eazyBI advanced settings. Please have a look at an example below:

name = "Cloned"
outward_link = "clones"
dimension = true

In this example, the link type, which points to the “parent” issue from the cloned ones, is “clones”, and in the issue link settings in Jira, it is the outward description of the link. Thus the parameter outward_link = "clones". You can also specify specific issue types, if necessary. Refer to the eazyBI documentation page for more information on issue links -

After updating the eazyBI advanced settings, head to the eazyBI import settings “Custom field” tab, and select the newly created issue link dimension for import. Finally, you can select the dimension in the report together with the Issue dimension. That way, you will see all the issues that are cloned from the “parent”. Please see the picture of a sample report below:

Roberts // eazyBI support