Code assistance improvement


Since the code assistance feature was introduced in EazyBI it’s much easier to write anything MDX, thank you very much for this feature!

However, I have a question if it can be slightly improved.
Right now when I start typing sth like

[Transition Status].[

it suggests available options from all statuses (including calculated members). But it doesn’t suggest hierarchy level members (e.g. [Transition Status].[Transition Status]) or all members within the dimension ([Transition Status].[All Transition Statuses]).

Was it intentional to make it that way? Is it possible to change it?
Sometimes when I’m typing the option which is not highlighted, it makes me think I’m doing sth wrong.

Maks Chodacki

Hi @Maksymilian_Chodacki!

Thank you for the feedback and we are super happy that MDX autocomplete functionality is useful for you!
You have described a valid case and we will most certainly take this suggestion into account for the MDX editor improvements.

Lauma /

With version 6.2. we improved MDX autocomplete. You will see the hierarchy levels, hidden dimensions, members on all levels, a better search and representation of any measure including hidden measures.

Daina /