Coding to pull number of resolved cases whom met criteria

Hello everyone!

I’m new here and also new to EazyBI :slight_smile:

Here’s a question I need help with:
Currently at my workplace we’re using Jira Service Desk with EazyBI as an add-on.
My task is to pull out data for:

  • Number of cases where resolved issue is within the given resolution time

With this in mind, I tried with codes like DateDiffDays etc. and it just couldn’t work.
Thus, I am seeking help here if anyone knows what to write into the “user defined calculated member formula”.

To simply this case, my desired outcome should follow something like:
When [Resolved Issue] > 0 Then
When Difference of [Created Date] & [Resolution] <= 7 Days Then
[SLA Resolution] + 1

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: