Color code dates in issue tables


is there any way to color code cells via “cell formatting” which contain a date by the difference to today?

(difference to today calculated as “today - cell value”)
The cell value comes from a customfield.

Cell values | difference to today | color code
2019-03-22 | 5 | red
2019-03-25 | 3 | amber
2019-03-27 | 1 | green


Hello Erik,

Yes , You can achieve it by below steps,

  1. Go to your column header (difference to today) and click on the header.
  2. select “cell Formatting” option and give your range like min=0 and max 1 and background color green; Min=2 and max=3 then and background color ; max = 5 then and background color Red.

See the image below

Hope its help !!

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unfortunately this is not what I’ve intended.

I currently don’t have a column “difference to today” and I’d like to color the column with the actual date.

Thanks anyway.

Oh , then my understanding is wrong.

anyway, I think applying dynamic color code based on conditions using cell formatting is not possible as of now.

will share you if I found anything. thanks


Ganesh is right: the only solution is to create a calculated measure that calculates the days difference, then add this measure to the report and colorcode cells in that column (instead of the exact date).

Currently, cell formatting could not be applied based on logical conditions or functions (days difference, color accordingly to the value in another column etc). Though, we have plans to improve this functionality (no ETA yet).


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