Coloring Table by Days Elapsed

I have a bar chart that I would like to color based on the %complete vs the % of days that have passed in a time period.

Trying the following formula:

WHEN (DateDiffDays(DateParse(‘2023-03-08’), Now())/ 84) >
[Measures].[committed completion %]

I have an exact formula called “yellow” that has the color yellow defined.

The table does not change but I can see that the calculated number is 23, and the committed complete ranges from 4-21%

Please help, this is driving me crazy!

Hi @Jade_Stephen

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

Sometimes it is frustrating to find the problem. The best way to debug is to create a new calculated member with part from the formula and then check the result.

For example, I choose the part of your formula, DateDiffDays(DateParse("2023-03-08"), Now())/84
and it gives me 0.32.

I don’t know what values you have in the measure - committed completion %, but it seems those values aren’t the same. 0.32 < 4-21%

Please let me know how it went.

Kind regards,