Column Cell Formatting - Custom Formula Error

Attempting to format an Hours Spent With Sub-Tasks column with a background of red when the issue Status-Category is “To Do” and Hours spent with sub-tasks is greater than 0. The attached screen clip identifies the error.

Unable to locate any information relating to the proper syntax for background color formatting option in this situation. FYI the EazyBI examples generate a similar error.

Please advise.


The condition (custom formula) looks all right. The next step is to assign color when calculations return the value "red".
Open section Exact value and enter the calculated value red from the formula and assign the cell formating of choice: see documentation Conditional cell formatting - Exact value

Check out this dashboard for more examples of conditional cell formatting: Customized Charts - Jira Demo - eazyBI
Feel free to open any report and check on conditional formatting rules there; the “Risk chart by status and priority” is very close to your use case.

And here is also a training video on how to customize reports: Training videos on specific topics - Paint With Your Data in eazyBI.

Zane /