Columns by Distinct Issue Property w/o Listing Issues

I’m new to EazyBI and trying to create a Stacked Bar Chart that will show count of tickets per Assignee and Epic Status.
The issue I’m having is that the “Epic Status” field is different than the dimension Status, it’s an Issue Property measure. I’m able to see the Epic Status only if I put Issues in Rows, however I need the count, not to see the individual issues.

I’m hoping to get something along the lines of this so that I can change to a stacked Bar Chart:

Epic Status
To Do In Progress null
Assignee 1 11 0 1
Assignee 2 8 1 5
Assignee 3 6 0 0

Any help greatly appreciated!

Hi @aleyh247 ,

The “Epic Status” is a custom field and was imported as an issue property in your eazyBI data cube.
Please check if you might have it already imported as a dimension under the Linked issue dimensions section in dimension selection.
If that field is not available as a dimension - please check if you might select to import it as a dimension in the Custom fields section of the Jira data import Custom fields tab. Please read more about custom field import here - Jira custom fields.

Once you have imported it as a dimension, you might put it in report columns and use the measure Issues created to see the distribution of issues according to the status of their Epic.

If you cannot find the dimension nor the means of importing it - please write to the support and attach the contents of your eazyBI Advanced settings.

Oskars /