Comapare Status Issues: Last Sprint Closed vs Actual Sprint

Hi eazyBI community,
I want report to compare issue status last sprint(closed date) vs actual sprint(today)

Any way to do it?


You may want to use measure “Sprint issues at closing” together with specific Sprint and Transition status to get the information about the issue status at the sprint closing. For cleaner report, combine them in a calculated measure (look for the formula below in point 4).
Property “Issue status” shows the current status of the issue.

You may create the following report:

  1. Select Issue dimension issues in the report rows.

  2. Select Sprint dimension in Pages and pick the last sprint.

  3. In the columns, add measure “Sprint issues at closing” and filter by it “>0” to get only issues that were assigned to the selected sprint at its closing. You may remove the column, filter condition will stay.

  4. Create a calculated measure that returns the issue status at the sprint closing:

          [Transition Status].[Transition Status].Members,
          [Measures].[Sprint issues at closing]>0),
       [Transition Status].CurrentMember.Name)

Select it in columns.

  1. Select, in columns, issue property “Issue status” (Measures > Calculated members > Issue properties)

The final report could look the following: