Combine data from .xlsx and Jira import

I would like to import data from an XLSX into eazyBI and assign these to development teams, which are imported from Jira. In detail, each team should be able to be assigned a number of employees every quarter.
I haven’t been working with eazyBI for long and I hope someone here can help me.
What is the easiest way to import data via xlsx that I can assign to the develpment teams in an analysis so that I get a diagram that shows me the employees per quarter?
Thanks for your help.


If the Team dimension is already present in the Jira Issues data cube (as an imported custom field), you may consider the additional data import option: Additional data import into Jira Issues cube

However, it will not be possible to create a new dimension in the Jira Issues data cube with the additional data import, so perhaps, you might consider creation of a custom data cube and import your spreasheet using a custom data mapping: Data mapping.

The feasibility of this use case also depends on the contents of the spreadsheet. Some additional custom calculation might be needed at the eazyBI side. Please, contact support for more detailed guidance.

Janis, eazyBI support