Combine data in two separate csv file and make a combined report

I have two separate csv files.
file 1 has data about the project info (project number, project name, type, scale all dimensions and “row count” as measure) Each project has one type, one scale)
file 2 has data about plans with resources in terms of projects (“project number”, “project name”, “resourceid” as dimensions, “planned” as measure).
I upload those two files.
When I want to see the “planned” (measure in file 2) for each “Project number” I can see it.

But when I try to group these data with a dimension from file 1 (i.e. “Scale”) I can not see the data. (Figure) (To see the planned hours distribution in terms of the project scale)

When I switch the measure from “planned” (in file 2) to “row count”
(in file 1) I can see the data.

Any comments ?

Thank you.

Hi @LA_learn,

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

​When you import data from CSV files, the measures are only mapped to the dimensions in the dataset where they arrive.
​The measure “Row count” is mapped against the “Scale” dimension.
​The measure “Planned” is mapped against the “Resourceid” dimension.

​However, these measures are mapped against the “Project” dimension.
​Therefore, you might use the Project dimension to filter by Scale and retrieve the relevant values for Planned.
Please read more about creating a calculated measure here -​

The expression for the calculated measure might be as follows.

--retrieve the set of relevant projects
--filter by measure relevant to one dataset
--defaultcontext resets dimensions not specified
      ([Measures].[Row count],
--actual measure to sum for the filtered project
--defaultcontext resets dimensions of the other dataset

The result might look like this.

​You can read more about the used functions DescendantsSet() and DefaultContext​​() in documentation here - MDX function reference.

​Oskars /