Combines report of Resolved and Backlog Issues

I have a request to have a single report that combines Total Issues Resolved and Issues in Backlog

I know I can get the results in two separate reports but is there a way to combine them to look similar to the following.


eazyBI has a default measure for resolved issues in the period, measure Issues resolved. If you would like to see all unresolved issues at any period in time, you can use a measure Open issues for backlog issues.

If you would like to see count of issues in some particular status, not all open issues as backlog issues, you can define a new user define calculated measure using measure Issues history in a tuple with this status in historical status dimension Transition status:

([Measures].[Issues history],
[Transition Status].[Backlog])

The formula above will give you a count of issues in status Backlog at the end of any period.

Daina /