Combining CSV information with Jira import

Hi All,

I’m trying to import a CSV and associate it with some Jira information. So that I can combine non-labour and labour costs for a Jira “initiative” (we use the term “Solution”).

Currently i am importing the labour costs through EazyBI using its support for Tempo Timesheets. So that part is done.

What i’m trying to do now is combine the CSV of non-labour costs.

What i have tried to do is add a custom field to the Jira Initiative/Solution called “Project DP code”, i am importing this as a dimension. This is a string of the form “DP0067” , “DP0071”, etc.

In the CSV file I have the following (there are other columns too, but they’re not relevant):
DP code Amount Date
DP0067 -26900 2022-04-01

I have tried to set the DP code as using the custom field i defined “Project DP code”, to try to associate it all together but seem to have got something wrong.
Any suggestions for what I could do to resolve this? Or alternative methods?


This is the latest error i get (i had different ones previously):

Hi @CamNZ ,

The error message suggests that you could not select the dimension from the list but typed the dimension name manually.
You can only map the additional data to a single value custom field dimension with one level.
​You might read more about that here - Additional data import into Jira Issues cube.

You might add extra settings to finetune this dimension in the eazyBI advanced settings.

data_type = "string"
dimension = true
separate_table = true

Where NNNNN stands for the customfield ID.

After changing the advanced settings for the custom field, please rebuild the dimension by a double import. First, deselect the field from import and launch import to clear the dimension data, and then re-add the field for import and launch another import to rebuild the dimension.

​Then you should be able to select this dimension for the additional data mapping.

​Oskars /

Thanks for the reply Oskars,

I did have the “dimension = true” set in the advanced settings, but needed to add the “separate_table = true”. This seems to have let me bring the values in, which is a good start!

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Hi All,

I have tried the above and added the “separate_table = true” in advanced settings which allows me to choose the field as a dimension in the csv import, but seems the values from the csv are not actually overwriting the original Jira values.