Common filter in eazyBI Dashboard

Hi Team,
We have a Dashboard created with reports for manual and automation execution and the filter used is the affected version. Approach is to use the same report and create new dashboards for each Sprint but as the affected version is not same for all reports using common filter option is not helpful.
We cannot add the affected version as row as the report needs to be modified every sprint

Request you to let me know if we have any other solution for same


Hello @Farnaz

Edit your dashboard then expand one of the filter in a chart. There’s your button to make it common for all the charts in the dashboard:

To remove the common filter… do the reciprocal :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!
Vasile S.

Hi Vasile,

Thanks, but this doesn’t help as the filter is different for every report in Dashboard.
Example: Report1 - ‘Regression’, ‘Progression’, ‘Automation’
Report2 - ‘Regression’, ‘Progression’
Report3 - ‘Automation’

Any other approach we have for the above to use same report for every release

Oh… sorry… I replied BC (before coffee)… You stated very clearly that common filter is not helpful.

In your use case I will define one report with filtering on test status, version and sprint then, instead of the dashboard in EazyBI I’ll create a dashboard in JIRA with 3 gadgets of type “EazyBI report”.
This way you can add the same report multiple times in a dashboard, each with its own “setup”!


I hope I get it right this time! :slight_smile:
Kind regards,
Vasile S.

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