Common page(dimension Project) is stored when saving a dashboard

Hello everyone! In my Eazy BI I have Data access Roles by project due to confidentiality rules.
I ´ve a dashboard with the pages common (project)

When I save my changes in dashboard, EazyBi save last project used like Page common. (By example project A)

If user from another project (project B) load the dashboard, EazyBi show this Dashboard for project A like common Page.

Obviously it does not get results, and the user must change the common page to his project. (project B)

Is there a way to make when a dashboard is saved, it doesn’t save the project used at that moment? The common page may appear blank until the user selects their project.

Hi @David_A,

I recommend setting the “All” member in the dashboard common page filter for such a scenario. Users will see data available to them and be able to select the value they are interested in.

Roberts //

Hello, I tried this solution and it works for normal users.

But when it is a Manager users (must have access to any project) it gets a time out because it tries to retrieve data from all projects for all values.

Best regards