Common Page Filters not Narrowing Results Properly


I am experiencing an issue when applying common page filters to my dashboards. I have ALL filters set to ‘nonempty’ to help narrow results properly.

When I am in an individual report, the filters ‘nonempty’ narrow the results properly. See screenshot below, when I select the team DCC 2 I only get sprints for their team:

BUT once I am in the dashboard, with common page filters in place as well as NONEMPTY set, it does not narrow down the results of the sprints after I select that team.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Why the disconnect between the report to the dashboard?

Thank you,

Hello @dani ,

​The NonEmpty functionality launches background queries to the data cube to retrieve the dimension members with values for any measures used in the report/dashboard.

​While the report might have relatively few measures and the background check is fast, the dashboard might employ a higher number of measures, and the effect might appear later, or some measures in other reports might return values for other sprints as well.

​Please export and send the full dashboard definition to support e-mail for a closer inspection.

​Oskars /

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