Compare 2 dates and sum all return 1

Hello, I need to compare 2 Issue dates then If they are same. I need to sum of all of them for showing with bar.

Hi, @guneycansanli

In this case, you would need to make sure both date picker fields are imported in eazyBI as properties and measures from the import options page.

Then create a new calculated measure (with integer format) to count issues where both dates are the same.

Please use the correct measures (imported from field names) in the formula where I left comments

  DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue custom1 date]), --first date field imported as property
  DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue custom2 date]) --first date field imported as property
) = 0
[Measures].[Issues with custom1 date]>0 --fisrt date field imported as measure 
--this measure will dictate for which period the issue is counted in the report if Time dimension used

This will group issues by the period (if the Time dimension is used in the report) where the first date picker belongs and count them if both date picker field values are the same.

Martins / eazyBI

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Thank you Martins. I works for me :slight_smile: