Compare current state with a set of states

Hello, there is a way to compare the current state of an issue with a set of states.

For example:

I have the following workflow:
To Do → Backlog → In Review → Pending → Done

The states:

  • To Do and Backlog are To Do category
  • In Review and Pending are In Progress category
  • Done is Done category

I have the following member calculated in the transition status measure called Work States where the states are found:

  • Backlog → In Review → Done.

Now I will do the example with a generic ticket

Ticket MAR1-25 is in Backlog status.

I want to be able to generate some relationship that tells me the following

If the ticket MAR1-25 is in some of the states of the calculated member Work States (Backlog → In Review → Done) show me the reporter and if it is not in those states, i.e. It is in the states To Do or Done show me the assigned person.

I was thinking of something like

WHEN [Measures].[Issue status] MATCHES [Transition Status].[Work State]
THEN [Measures].[Issue reporter]
ELSE [Measures].[Issue assignee]

Hi @zane.baranovska @martins.vanags @roberts.cacus

Can you help me ?

Hi @Marcelo_Ignacio_Cid1

If this is for the current status of the issue, then you can define a new calculated member “Work Statuses” in the Status dimension with a formula like this:

  [Status].[In Review],

Then, you can update the formula of the measure in the Measures dimension to this:

  ([Measures].[Issues created],[Status].[Work Statuses])>0,
  [Measures].[Issue reporter],
  [Measures].[Issue assignee]

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