Compare Issue Property vs all other Issues

Hi all,

I am trying to understand how to obtain a set (or a count) of issues that have the same value as that of a given row in rows with issues.

For example, I have all issues in rows, and wanted to display a Measure that describes the count of all issues that have the same value for a custom field (which is imported as an issue property).

Thanks for the help!

Hello @dEEE !

See this: Getting the count of specific value in given field

There are several methods to count (aggregate, count, filter, tuples…), they’re nicely described in the topic above.

Hope it helps!
Vasile S.

hi @VasileS, thanks for the quick response.

The issue I am having is on the comparison for the given row’s Requirement Number in the example shown vs the Requirement Number of all other issues. Evaluating [Measures].[Issue Requirement Number] vs [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetString(‘Requirement Number’) is not correct as it appears to simply be evaluating against itself and I need the criteria to be dynamic per the row number, and not static (e.g. commented comparison).

Any thoughts? The image shows an example of the desired result.

Descendants([Issue].[Issue].Members, [Issue].[Issue]),
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetString(‘Requirement Number’) = [Measures].[Issue Requirement Number]
–“S.2.x.2” = [Issue].CurrentMember.GetString(‘Requirement Number’)
–“S.2.x.2” = [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetString(‘Requirement Number’)

Hi @dEEE,

​Would you consider importing the custom field as a dimension?
​That would allow using the imported dimension to split the issues by the value of that custom field.

​Then you might use the Tuple to slice the dataset by the specific value of the field or use the dimension on report rows or columns together with a relevant measure.

​Please see below the example of a tuple that finds the number of issues with the current Requirement Number “S.2.x.2” within the current report context if Requirement Number is imported as a dimension.

([Requirement Number].[S.2.x.2],
 [Measures].[Issues created])

If that does not fit you, please explain what do you mean by

“I need the criteria to be dynamic per the row number”

Oskars /