Compare issue status on version start and end date

Maybe this is an easy one

I want to compare the status for issues at the start and end of a version.
I guess I need to create a new measure, but couldn’t figure out how the measures should loke like.


Hi @djonaker!

I am sorry to see your question has been pending answer for so long!

Here is one idea of how you could build such a report. Firstly, I imagine you would be using Issue and Fix version dimensions on rows. As the Issue can be part of several versions, it is necessary to know which version start and end dates we are talking about. For example, my example issue EXP-23 is part of three versions and in various statuses in each version start and end dates:

Furthermore, you can see if the issue is created after the version start date (EXP-17), then the status on the start date is empty. Similarly, as if there is no start or end date specified for the version (2.4 version).

Here are the MDX formulas used in my example:
Issue status on version start date (please change the formatting to decimal for this calculated measure)

Generate(Filter( -- filter transition statuses which have information about historic issue status
Descendants([Transition Status].CurrentMember, [Transition Status].[Transition Status]),
   [Measures].[Version start date]), -- get the version start date member from Time dimension
   [Measures].[Issues history])>0 -- and find the transition status on that date
), [Transition Status].CurrentMember.Name) -- generate the transition status name

Issue status on version release date (please change the formatting to decimal for this calculated measure)

Descendants([Transition Status].CurrentMember, [Transition Status].[Transition Status]),
   [Measures].[Version release date]), -- formula is similar as for start date, only replace with release date here
   [Measures].[Issues history])>0
), [Transition Status].CurrentMember.Name)

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