Compare value from previous month to current month

I’m currently trying to determine when an account status changes from one status to another. I’m ultimately trying to figure out what month a status changed to closed in.

One thought that I had was to compare the tempo account status from last month to this month. Do you know it that is possible?

SOMEHOW FIND LAST MONTHS VALUE ([Account].CurrentMember.getstring(‘Account status’)) != [Account].CurrentMember.getstring(‘Account status’) = SHOW THE CURRENT VALUE

Again, I’m trying to derive when an account status converts from open to closed or archived.



Unfortunately, the Account status is not imported into eazyBI in the standard configuration. Seems that you have imported this property with the help of additional data import. It is not possible to track the changes in the property with eazyBI.

A solution might be possible if you had some external data source providing also the Account status history for the Tempo accounts, but it is not possible with the data you have currently in your account.

Janis, eazyBI support