Concatenate multiple fields into a single one

We need to concatenate multiple fields into a single one to display in the report.


  • Field 01 (custom_field 123)
  • Field 02 (custom_field 234)
  • Field 03 (custom_field 567)

Single field with all options displayed.

It must present the value of the field that is not empty.

Hi @Grace_Campos ,

Suppose the fields are imported in eazyBI as issue properties, and concatenated values are required for individual issues. In that case, you can define a new calculated measure with the formula below:

  {[Measures].[Issue labels],
   [Measures].[Issue T-shirt size],
   [Measures].[Issue assignee]},
   CoalesceEmpty([Measures].CurrentMember, "(none)") <> "(none)"
   CAST([Measures].CurrentMember as string), ", "

Replace the issue properties “Issue labels”, “Issue T-shirt size”, and “Issue assignee” with the issue properties relevant to your use case. See the expected result below:

Review the eazyBI documentation for more details on the used functions - MDX function reference.

Roberts //