Concatenate several dimensions

Hello !
I know that my data have not been well designed but I have to use them ‘as is’.

I have a first dimension [Location type] with members like:

  • Office
  • Factory
  • Warehouse

Instead of having a single dimension like [Location name] I have separated ones:

  • [Office]
    • Office name 1
    • Office name 2
  • [Factory]
    • Factory name 1
    • Factory name 2
    • Factory name 3
  • [Warehouse]
    • Warehouse name 1

I would like to have a result like this:

  • [Location type]
    – [Location name]
    i.e I would like that the dimensions [Office], [Factory] and [Warehouse] would be considered as a single [Location name] dimension. Is it possible? Do I have to concatenate them on some way?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


I would suggest considering creating a new dimension Locations by type where you combine both custom field into new - calculated one. You can use JavaScript to calculate this during import.

I will use two my custom fields - Season and Month as examples and will create a new dimension Months by Season:

name = "Month by season"
dimension = true
levels = ["Season","Month"]
split_by = "|"
javascript_code = '''
l1 = issue.fields.customfield_SSSSS ? issue.fields.customfield_SSSSS : "(none)";
l2 = issue.fields.customfield_MMMMM ? issue.fields.customfield_MMMMM : "(none)";
issue.fields.customfield_nc =  l1 + "|" + l2;

Please use your custom field ID instead of SSSSS and MMMMM.

If the custom field is a selection list, you might need a bit different code to access it’s value for example, like this:

l1 = ( issue.fields.customfield_SSSSS && issue.fields.customfield_SSSSS.value) ? issue.fields.customfield_SSSSS.value : "(none)";

We strongly suggest testing any calculated JavaScript code before adding it to eazyBI advanced settings to make sure it works as expected.

Daina /

Hello and thanks for your answer, but I am sorry I do not understand how I may transform my 3 current dimensions [Office], [Factory] and [Warehouse] to the unique [Location name]. Only then I will be able to build the hierarchy.

eazyBI does not have a default option to combine two or three fields by default. We will build three dimensions. If you would like to have one common dimension with a hierarchy you would like to build one.

We have the option to build new custom fields (including dimensions) with JavaScript during import. You would like to define a new field and then use Javascript code to combine three of your existing jira fields into one.

I hope this additional explanation can help you understand how to use the definition in the previous answer for building a new dimension.

You can share more details to if you struggle with this share how far you got there what is the JIra setup and we will try to help you further.

Daina /