Conditional formatting schemes

We have started to use Cell formatting quite heavily. We usually have dozen(s) of entries in a report. We are facing difficulties to:

  • Use same formatting in new reports
  • Maintain formatting in current reports

We could use something like Formatting scheme, or formatting library. User could save some formatting in the library and then use it anywhere where he is normally using it manually. Then we could easily adjust all reports simply by editing the scheme, or just pick a predefined scheme in new report. I am currently bypassing this problem by exporting definition, automatically substituting relevant information and importing again - and that is quite clumsy.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi Petr,

Thank you for sharing this interesting use case and improvement idea! I added it to our backlog for further considering though the priority of such a feature is not high. Nevertheless, I will keep you posted when there is some news about it.

Lauma /

I’d be interested in this as well! Not only having the possibility to use formatting schemes across different reports, but also for different columns in a table of the same report.