Confluence-EZBI Plugin Timeout: There was error when performing your request. Please retry or go to other page

I attached a bunch of EZBI reports/dashboards to a confluence page using the Macro. But I’m getting error message for those relatively complex reports. Based on some of the readings, I assume this is a configuration problem that the gadget will timeout after 5 seconds.
But I am not sure where should I change this default configuration? On eazyBI? On confluence?

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Any Solution for this problem

Our team increased EZBI time out configuration. But that didn’t fix the problem.

This problem was actually introduced by our JIRA update maintenance. EZBI version was updated on JIRA side. But our confluence-EZBI macro that calls jira-EZBI still has version configured like before. Our Atlassian admin updated the configuration and did a restart. This issue then got fixed for us.

I hope our experience helps. But I also know our system setup is probably very different from yours. Please contact EZBI support if you need more help.