Connect EazyBI with SonarQube

Hi all,

I have the following request, I need to connect and import information from a Sonarqube server and integrate into EazyBi using Rest API.

Is there any information related I can check to make this possible? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @kulkor ,

Welcome to the eazyBI community.

eazyBI doesn’t have a native integration with SonarQube. Still you can explore the option to import the SonarQube data into eazyBI via REST API.

See more details on how to import data from REST API and how to map the data to eazyBI dimensions and measures in the eazyBI documentation page links below.

I recommend creating a new account for the data import from the REST API. If you have some reports in mind, it might help you understand what data should be imported. For example, what measures should be in a report? What would you like to see in rows and columns? Do you have any criteria for how to filter data? Probably, the first data import won’t be the final version for data mapping. Do not worry. Then you may delete imported data and change data mapping for columns.

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