Connecting Google Analytics, the token expires and it works only once


I am connecting Google Analytics using REST API connection and following the instuctions from EazyBI:

But after the first try, when it is configurated and the first import has been done. In an hour, when EazyBI tries to re-connect in order to re-import data, it shows an error like the token wasn´t correct anymore.

The error is like:

Received HTTP 401 error when requesting xxxxxxxxxx
Your user was not authorized by API provider to perform this request.

The most typical cause for this issue is when you have changed your password in the source application. Please go to the REST API source data page and try to start import manually and re-authenticate source application import.

Any one knows if I have to do something in order to generate a permanent token or anaything?

Please check if Authorize URL has this configuration:

access_type=offline is needed to get a refresh token from Google Analytics REST API. However, if this parameter was missing in the Authorize URL you would like to update the setting and then delete the application in Once the application is deleted you can go back to eazyBI and run an import with the new settings.

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