Consolidated Sum and Average on reports

Hello !

We have a report with information regarding project such as budget, actual, % of budget spent etc…

I am trying to the information consolidated for each of the columns.
But sometimes we should have sum, and sometime new % based on the sums.

In green, this is fine, in red this is not what we want :slight_smile:

Is there any way to implement such calculations based on total of columns ?

Thanks a lot for your advice.

What formula do you use to calculate the measure “Budget Total Consomme %” in your current report?

Martins / eazyBI

Hello @martins.vanags

We use the following formula:
 [Measures].[Budget Annuel Projet] = 0
[Measures].[Consommé annuel à date] / 0.1
[Measures].[Consommé annuel à date] / [Measures].[Budget Annuel Projet]

And what formula to do you use to define “Consommé annuel à date” measure?


I come back to this one… sorry for the delay.

This “Consommé Annuel à date” is a formula that is only a proxy to a Projectrack fields where the actual budget is stored.

Unfortunately, there are no “cheats” to hide the total sum just for some of the measures in columns when the “Total” feature is enabled…

One workaround would set the specific value on the total row for some of the measures but it won’t be completely empty then.

Martins / eazyBI

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