Converter from issues to history points


I have a counter that identifies how many issues have gone through the status Error in UAT. Would there be any way to pass those issues to history points? As a converter of issues to history points… For example, if the count would give me 6 issues, I could get the total number of history points that represent those issues.

([Measures].[Transitions from status issues count],
[Transition Status].[Error in UAT])

Thank you very much in advance

Hi @JPerez,

I imagine you are looking for the Story points at the moment when the status changed.
You could do this with the following calculation - hidden measure Story points removed would show how many points issues had at the moment when status changed from Error in UAT

  [Measures].[Story Points removed],
  [Transition field].[Status], 
  [Transition Status].[Error in UAT]

Here is also a presentation about eazyBI hidden measures Training videos on specific topics - eazyBI for Jira.

Lauma /