Converting SQL code to MDX automatically

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I have a general question about EazyBI.

It’s been a while since I am working with EazyBI and I’ve got to tell that learning curve for MDX is very, very steep. I guess EazyBI specific MDX does not make it eazier (ba dum tss).

Sometimes I would spend days to write something that would take 2 minutes in SQL, and surely my managers are not happy about that. I hope I am the only gifted user of the tool, and others don’t struggle learning as long as I do. But I’ve been thinking if there are some ways to convert SQL code to EazyBI’s MDX? I guess there are more people knowing SQL, thus the threshold for start using the tool comfortably would be much lower.
However it is really great tool that makes data importing much easier!

Hi @Alsu_Zaynutdinova

Thank you for your insight!
At first glance, SQL and MDX may look similar, but, despite these similarities, the languages differ in several significant ways. SQL operates in two-dimensional tables in relational databases, and MDX works in multidimensional cubes. For starters, SQL “doesn’t know” anything about hierarchies, levels, members, and members’ properties; it can not find a row’s positioning in the cube, and there are much more differences.

Acknowledging that the learning curve might be steep, I encourage you to contact when you struggle with MDX calculation. We are here to help you out with that.
Also, you may find some valuable videos on MDX in our documentation: Training videos on specific topics.

Ilze LA,

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Hi @ilze.leite ,

Thank you so much for your response. I hope I didn’t sound rude asking the question.

I often use this community site to search for similar issues and create questions too. Thank you so much for support, it is great help <3

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