Copy calculated members

In many cases, we have calculated members that are very similar to each other. They could for example only differ because of the used issue type. If we rapidly want to build a couple of these calculated members we have to copy-and-paste the formulas.

It would help us if we could either copy a calculated member or have a “save as” option available.


If you need to create a lot of similar calculated measures, then one low-level workaround is to export a report definition and then in a text editor add additional calculated members in the calculated_members list and then import this report definition and additional calculated members will be created.

But I agree that it might be useful to add, e.g. Copy button in the calculated member editor and then open a new calculated member definition dialog (with “Copy of …” as a name and the same formula and formatting) where the formula and name can be edited and saved. Then it would be similar to how dashboards and reports can be copied.

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