Copy format of chart

Hi. I have created a chart that has several filter pages. After I set up the chart to show what I want - a chart with values in both columns and lines - the chart reverts back to the default, all values displayed as lines, every time I switch the filters.

Is there any way I can copy the formatting of the chart and apply to ALL combinations of the page filters?

Thank you.

eazyBI specifies any data represnetation per represenatative metric.

In some cases, the representative metric consists of a combination of some member name and measure. This typically is the case when you are using several measures in Columns and you have a dimension expanded to member names on Columns as well.

If the dimension used on Columns is used on Pages as well, leading to the case, when you change the pages - column members changes. Then represenative metrics in report might be different for some combinations.

In those reports, it might be hard to set it up every time you change the Pages, columns selections changes as well. I would suggest selecting the chart type (Bar, or Line (Line can work as area as well)) to get the required formatting by default. Change the formatting for static metrics only.

You would like to share more details - report screenshot and report definition for more detailed answer.

Daina /