Count amount of Status within a specified custom Field

Hi there,

First of all i really appreciate this Q&A section --> this is great for eazyBI learnings and support.

i have 2 fields in Jira

(Type) and (Status) both imported as a dimension

an array of Issues could be like:

Type | Status
A | Done
A | In Progress
B | Done
B | Done
C | Cancelled
C | Done
D | To Do
D | Done

Now i want to count the amount of Issues which contain only Done or Cancelled Status within one Type.
In the above case the query should return 2 ( for B and C).

Due to the amount of types (above 50) i cant really Bookmark all Types and use them in any Filter query…

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you in advance
Best regards

Hi Peter,

You may create the report in the following way:

Now you should see the number of issues in Done and Canceled statuses by types (all or filtered).