Count date field that is empty

I read this post which seems close but I’m not understanding how to apply it.

I tried this:

  1. Define report specific calculated member formula
  2. [Measures].[ NoTargetCompletionDate ] = IsEmpty[Measures].[Issues with target completion date]

But I get this error:
Formula is not valid: MDX object ‘IsEmpty’ not found in cube ‘Issues’

Thanks in advance!

Hi @boconnellmw ,

The IsEmpty() function requires the evaluated parameter to be inside brackets. The calculated measure formula should look similar to the one below:

IsEmpty([Measures].[Issues with target completion date])

It will return a Boolean value - true or false. See the screenshot below for the issue resolution date:

Roberts //

Hello @roberts.cacus , is there a way to add the boolean values?

For example: in your table generate a new table with the sum of true or false, 5 false and 1 true

Hi @Marcelo_Ignacio_Cid1,

Your requirement requires two new calculated measures - one for “true” and one for “false”. See the linked post for an example of the sum of empty values - Getting a count of issues that do not have a given link - #2 by roberts.cacus.

You can check the property with Not IsEmpty() for filled values.

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