Count distinct issues for components

Hi, I have the following problem.
I would like to have distinct issues count in projects that would skip components assignments. But I need to filter the issues by components.
Here is an examples
I have 5 issues A, B, C, D, E. Each of them has the following components assigned:
A - X, Y, Z
B - X,Y
C - Z
D - X
E - Y, Z

Each of the issues has a priority assigned 1 or 2
A - 1
B - 1
C - 1
D - 2
E - 2

What I would need to do is to build a report that will show the count of issues by priority. So the result would be:

Priority | Count
1 | 3
2 | 2

What I get now is
Priority | Count
1 | 6
2 | 3

I used distinct count and I also get the same numbers.
The main problem is also that I also have a filter where I can select multiply components to see only above results only for components X,Y or Z


Component is a multi-value field in Jira and it requires distinct counters when you create a calculated member in “Project” dimension where you us aggregate function to combine several components, which can be represented on the same issue.

In the report, I would recommend using the distinct measures such as measure “Issue created count” since it seems that the issue can have multiple components.

There could be a different behavior when using same distinct measure with calculated members from the Project dimension (where components is one of the hierarchy levels) if they are created with a Sum function (not Aggregate)

Martins / eazyBI support