Count Entries with Specific Text

We have a field in Jira which shows the status of the ticket depending on which phase it is in. How do I count only the entries with the “Completed” and “Closed” statutes?

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Hi Marla,

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When reading your requirement - I am assuming that “Phase” is a custom field in Jira. I would recommend starting with confirming if 'Phase" is imported as a Dimension (learn more about how custom fields can be imported in eazyBI here -Data from Jira)

When “Phase” is imported as a dimension in your eazyBI report, you can add it in your Rows and add Status in Pages, which will allow filtering the report on required statuses (read more about filtering reports here - Create reports)

I have created a similar report. I don’t have a custom field Phase, but I used a different custom field, “PriorityV2”.
I added PriorityV2 on Rows and Status on Pages. I selected two statuses, “Closed” and “Done,” in the filter options and used with the measure “Issues Created,” which counts how many issues are created with particular PriorityV2 members and Status “Closed” or “Done”


Let me know if I missed something and if you have some further questions!
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