Count issue is it takes longer then 1 hour

I’m trying to generate a report that looks at 2 fields: “Date Work Started” and “Date First Resolved” to try and find the time is takes to resolve based on the timestamp in these fields.

I’d like to generate a report that shows on a weekly basis a count of how many issues had a different greater than 1 hour. This way I can see on this week, 3 issues took over an hour, and can bring up all 3 jira issues.

I’d like to do this for 1 project and only do the calculation on sub-tasks with a specific label


The most efficient way of doing such filtering would be to use Resolution interval dimension.

The default Resolution interval dimension in eazyBI is created based on Issue created and Issue resolved dates. If you are looking for an interval between two custom dates, you can create a custom interval dimension.

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