Count issues based on empty fix version & some value in fix version

Can anyone help me in creating two calculated members to get issues with empty value in the fix version field and with some value in the fix version field.

For issues with empty fix version I’m using this code >>

Aggregate({[Fix Version.By name].[(no version)]})

Which is working fine.

But for issues with some value in the fix version, I’ve used this code >>

Aggregate( Except( [Fix Version.By name].Members, { [Fix Version.By name].[(no version)] } ) )

The count is more than the number of issues I imported. What is the correct code I should be using?

You are using a quite valid calculated member The calculated member retrieving all versions will pick up any issue with at least one fix version. The default measure Issues created, Issues resolved will double count issues with several fix version, though.

You would like to use distinct count measures with this calculated member, like, Issues created count, Issues resolved count.

Daina /