Count issues in a sprint with a particular label


I have a table whose rows are individual sprints and I want to calculate 2 things:

1 - All issues in each sprint with a particular label.
2 - All issues in each sprint with a particular label AND with Status ‘Done’

Any help in creating this calculated member would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @claforet

Thank you for posting a question in our community page.

Actually, there are different options how to count issues for the sprint (depending on the moment when you want to count them in a sprint lifecycle).

I could recommend reading our documentation page about Sprint scope measures.

Then you could play with these measures in your report.
If you want to see the issues commmitted to the sprint, you can select the measure “Sprint issues committed” and then drag “Label” dimension to page where you can filter the report by a particular label.
For the second requirement I would recommend using a measure “Sprint issues completed” and again using the “Label” dimension in page filter to select a particular label.
But there are some other measures as well (like Sprint issues added, Sprint issues removed etc.)

Martins /