Count issues in "In Progress" and "Closed" by Week

I’ve set up a report to count “In Progress” and “Closed” items by week in eazyBI based on the measure “Transitions to status issues count”.

That measure does give the count of items that transitioned into In Progress and Closed statuses during the measured time periods (weeks). However, in addition to the counts of items that transitioned into In Progress (see screenshot), I also want to include those items that were already in “In Progress” (i.e. those items that carried over from previous periods). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, measure Transitions to status issues count will show issues with status change to the particular status. You can check out the measure Issues history to see how many issues were in particular status at the end of period.

However, the measure Issues history might give you far too many closed issues. This report removes previously resolved issues from the report. You can check out this example report cumulative flow diagram to remove done issues in previous periods.

Daina /