Count issues that passed by certain status and not closed

In our project we have a one way workflow, that is, does not allow to return ro previous status. Now I have to create a report that shows how many itens had transiotioned to a certain status and was not resolved yet in that period of time.

For example:

Transitioned date - 11/15/2022
Resolved date - 02/13/2023

Issue 2
Transitioned date - 12/14/2022
Resolved date -

Issue 3
Transitioned date - 01/16/2023
Resolved date - 02/15/2023

Issue 4
Transitioned date - 03/05/2023
Resolved date -

So my report would be something like:

|Nov - |1|
|Dec - |2|
|Jan - |3|
|Fev - |1|
|Mar - |2|
|Apr - |2|
|May - |2|

For it i used this code:

Filter(Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
– filter open issues in period using issue properties Created date and Resolution date only
([Measures].[Transition to status last date], [Transition Status].[SELECIONADO PARA DESENVOLVIMENTO]),
[Time].CurrentHierarchyMember) AND
NOT DateBeforePeriodEnd(
[Issue].CurrentMember.get(‘Resolved at’),

The problem is, using [Measures].[Transition to status last date] is considered just itens transitionet in that period.

So my report apear like:

Month Amount itens transitioned and Not Resolved
Nov - 1
Dec - 1
Jan - 1
Fev - 0
Mar - 1
Apr - 0
May - 0

How i can filter itens that the transition date to a specific status is before one date for example, but considering every previous period of time.


Not sure if my approach is the best practice. But here is the method I used:
I created 2 calculated measures.
Lets say first one “Was in progress”- showing number count of issues were in progress in the time frame

( [Measures].[Transitions to status], 
  [Transition Status].[In Progress])

Second one will sum all “Was In Progress” but not resolved in the selected time frame.

  [Measures].[Was In Progress]>0 and not([Measures].[Issues resolved]>0)

Hello @gudias

​Welcome to eazyBI community!

​I recommend looking into Issue Cycles functionality where you import a custom cycle for your status “SELECIONADO PARA DESENVOLVIMENTO”
​You can learn how to import issue cycles here - Issue cycles

​I re-created the same scenario you mentioned (but with the status “Waiting for customer” and imported a custom cycle with this one status “Waiting for Customer”, and as you can see in image below, results match with your expectations). If you name your Issue Cycle “SELECIONADO PARA DESENVOLVIMENTO” then the measure eazyBI will create once you import the issue cycle, will be named “Issues in SELECIONADO PARA DESENVOLVIMENTO”.

​Best wishes,
​Elita from