Count issues when complete date is after 2019-12-31

How do I count issues that have “Complete Date” field value after 2019-12-31?

I tried with following formula but got this error:
Formula is not valid:
No function matches signature ‘.get(, )’

    ([Measures].[Issues created],
    DateCompare([Issue].CurrentMember.get("Complete Date","2019-12-21")=1))),
([Measures].[Issues created],

Hi @Sarath,

There is a syntax error in the get function - you should close it after the “Complete Date” :

DateCompare([Issue].CurrentMember.get("Complete Date"),"2019-12-21")=1

Still, I would suggest the following formula that might be faster to get the count of issues with a Complete date after the specified date. This would subtract from all issues with the complete date the ones that have a complete date before the specified day.

NonZero([Measures].[Issues with due date] -
  ), [Measures].[Issues with due date]))

Lauma /

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